Our Services


NuWorks builds, operates, and deploys digital services
to help brands and businesses scale in the digital economy. This is made possible
through StoryTeching: the process by which we utilize our
end-to-end digital capabiities in content, commerce,
customer experience, performance marketing, app dev, and martech.

Capability Focus


Marketing technology solutions are anchored on a human-centric design that drives innovation. This is Digital marketing that can automate and then execute marketing campaigns and solutions.

What's Included:

API Integration

We can build Custom APIs securely to extend the functionality of your application with new or existing third-party systems. We can support any standard web protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, XML, JSON, REST and SOAP.

Workflow Automation

We design, execute, and automate of processes based on client workflow rules where human tasks, data or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules. Using workflow automation, your business can save time and reduce errors with automation.

Simple Website Development

Development of simple uncomplex websites that capture all of the information needed by users and still get the job done in terms of lead generation and conversion.


We review and propose SEO techniques for better platform visibility and search ranking.

Dashboard Automation

Reduce reporting time and avoid human error in processing data between applications. Dashboard automation helps you identify the trends, and understand business performance that results in transparent, meaningful, and traceable reporting for all stakeholders.
Additional Services:

SaaS/ Marketplace Platform Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) development offers a lot of ways to extend your products or service. Usually offering this to further grow your product and make it more attractive to users are the key takeaways of SaaS Marketplace. You could have solution where you can build your own ecommerce shop such as shop-as-a-service, provides ticketing system for customer management, a helpdesk and project related software management wherein you could offer as SaaS Marketplace.

Performance Tech

We help brands by integrating the right tools to measure attribution and results. We set up the trackers that enables accurate and insightful data for campaigns, leading to informed optimization and decisions.

Data Integration, Data Warehousing

Data integration involves the extraction of information about each user or any information from various business systems such as sales, accounts, and marketing. These can be then combined into a single view. These data can be used for reporting and analysis, and even day-to-day operations and support.

Chatbot/ Chat Commerce

We design and build custom conversational and transactional (eCommerce) chatbots crafted to generate revenue and integrate seamlessly with your website and eCommerce applications.

Our Tech Stack Capabilities

We are well-versed in a variety of tools and frameworks used to deliver our top technology services.

Digital Ocean
Google Cloud
Spark AR

Industry Experience

We have a well-balanced client portfolio that is composed of blue chip clients across 19 growing sectors.