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NuWorks brings a bold, integrated, and omni-channel approach to elevate your brand and
achieve your goals.

OUR NORTH STAR: Create brand love through deep audience insights, industry trends, and storyteching in key touchpoints, which we will translate to strategic and excellent execution of plans that move people to action and advocacy.

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Who We Are

NuWorks Spotlight is the agency’s PR and Communications arm. We aim to create relevance and desire for brands through an omni-channel and strategic approach that will center around creative executions and a range of platforms and creators.

Expert and Connected

A team of specialists with well-established relationships with journalists, editors, celebrities, KOLS and influencers

Passionate about continuously elevating the PR and communications landscape

Experts behind some of the most successful brands today

Data and Tech-driven

Powered by data and technology

Leverages the latest tools for analytics and trendjacking , sentiment analysis, identifying audience demographics, measuring KPIs and performance

Strategic and Omni-channel

Close collaboration with partners to understand their objectives, target audience, and industry landscape

Communication strategies align with our clients’ objectives and business needs

Creative and Pioneering

Brave, creative ideas and innovative approaches to help brands stand out

Lead the change to develop unique campaigns that capture attention and generate buzz

Driven by High Standard of Excellence

Good enough is never good enough

Attention to detail and more than 100% of our efforts

Where we can help?

Where We Can Help

"Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good."
Jean-Louis Gassée

  • Create awareness
  • Build credibility and expertise
  • Provide authentic and relevant content
  • Create talkability plus expert and peer-to-peer recos
  • Sustain comms
  • Link to conversion online and on-ground

Spotlight's Services

This is Storyteching amplified through the right touchpoints and excellent execution of plans.

  • We do overall PR Counsel and Strategy, developing plans based on campaign objectives, creative big ideas, the role of the influencer, and overall channel strategy
  • We conceptualize plans that are aligned with the brand strategy and goals and ensure excellent execution across all touch points.
  • We measure and analyze campaign results based on impressions, engagements, sentiments, and conversion.
  • We provide day-to-day client coordination, liaising, project and budget management for our partners.