Our Services


NuWorks builds, operates, and deploys digital services
to help brands and businesses scale in the digital economy. This is made possible
through StoryTeching: the process by which we utilize our
end-to-end digital capabiities in content, commerce,
customer experience, performance marketing, app dev, and martech.

Capability Focus


We help brands convert their digital presence to purchases through eCommerce consulting and precision marketing. We provide end-to-end strategy, tech development, and operations management to take the people-business connection experience to a whole new level of value and meaning.

What's Included:

eContent / eComm Marketing

We provide thumb-stopping shoppable content and experience through creative use of digital and eCommerce technology. Our data-informed media and creatives are designed to maximize investment efficiencies in brand building and conversion efforts.

eCommerce Platform Build

Following our Systems Design, we proceed with development and testing of a secure online store. We integrate payment gateways, marketplaces, and ERP for fulfillment. We also do custom development on top of other solutions, such as Magneto or Shopify.

Service Design

We simplify what is complex for consumers and brands and ensure viability across multiple touchpoints. Our Experienced Designers apply UX and CX principles that generate best experiences and engagement for both consumers and brands.

Experience Strategy and Playbook

How brands decide on interacting with their audiences, across audiences, industries and touchpoints influences the customers' intent on interacting with the brand again. As communication strategy experts, we deliver on omni-channel experiences through content, campaigns and channel activations, experienced by consumer at every stage of their journey.

Digital Experience Audit

We do full reviews of current digital ecosystems and e-businesses, including profitability, processes, and platforms. Through this, we arrive to a set of recommendations to improve the overall digital experience.

eCommerce Tech

Following our Systems Design, we proceed with the development and testing of a secure online store. We integrate payment gateways, marketplaces, and ERP for fulfillment. We also do custom developments on top of other solutions, such as Magneto or Shopify.

Insights and Strategy

We generate a clear view of growth opportunities and strategic imperatives for your brand to meet its KPIs analyzing the business situation, target segments, personas, competive and market landscape.

Measurement and Analytics

We provide effectiveness analysis at each stage of the customer purchase journey to determine overall performance and identify and mitigate drop-off or fall-out points.


With our talented Creative teams at the helm, we're capable of creating imaginative campaigns and content for your eComm business.
Additional Services:

Influencer Management

We drive brand amplification and engagement by leveraging partner influencer networks. Together, we develop and execute innovative influencer marketing efforts that strengthen the brand messaging. Our IM team develops creative concepts to campaign realisation, measures and provides reports on each campaign.

Creative Tech

To further the effectiveness of brands' communications, we leverage the infusion of technology to amplify creative output, thus providing marketers with effective executions designed to forge a strong bond with consumers.

Creative Automation

We provide dynamic content services that are informed by data and results, enhancing the reach and relevant of the content for the end consumer.

AI-powered Services

We implement custom machine learning solutions to enhance brand website and applications. Solutions executed range across recommendation engines for eCommerce sites by deploying ML models, automated sentiment analysis systems, out-of-stock detection systems, anomaly detection systems and custom data scraping solutions.

Chatbot / Chat Commerce

We design and build custom conversational and transactional (eCommerce) chatbots crafted to generate revenue and integrate seamlessly with your website and eCommerce applications.

Data Integration, Data Warehousing

Data integration involves the extraction of information about each user or any information from various business systems such as sales, accounts, and marketing. These can be then combined into a single view. These data can be used for reporting and analysis, and even day-to-day operations and support.

Dashboard Automation

We gather and analyze platform traffic and activity data and turn these into insights that enhance the customer purchase journey.

Our Tech Stack Capabilities

We are well-versed in a variety of tools and frameworks used to deliver our top technology services.

Digital Ocean
Google Cloud
Spark AR
Express JS
Node JS

Industry Experience

We have a well-balanced client portfolio that is composed of blue chip clients across 19 growing sectors.